Your Website Quote Is Too Expensive!

Posted on May 28th, 2011

Website Quote Too Expensive!
A website is your online presence. It is important to take time in planning your website as for some, it may be the only reflection of you or your company. This is even more crucial if you are selling stuff online. It is the equivalent of having a shop on a high street. You want to make sure it looks appealing and attractive as possible so people come in. Your website is your shop front for the world wide web.

Many clients want the best of the best, but they do not wish to pay the price. Cutting corners and being frugal could possibly have a negative effect on your website, and your overall image.

A Typical Scenario…

Here is a typical scenario of a client interested in a new website…

Client: I want an amazing website done, it must have… and…. I would also like it to… plus….

Us: Ok, that sounds good. What we will do is send you out a small survey to find out your exact needs. If you can fill that out as accurately as possible, we will then be able to quote you for your project.

[Send out questionnaire to obtain specific requirements. Client results are returned and a website proposal and quote is produced.]

Client: Hmm… that is too expensive. Would you do it for… (low price).

Now do get me wrong, not all clients are like this, and if they are, they may have very valid reasons such as:

  1. It is simply more than the fixed budget they had allocated for the website.
  2. They are comparing quotes, and have someone that will do it for a cheaper price.
  3. They are negotiators. Never pay the asking price.

However, from experience, I have found this is mainly due to the client not knowing exactly what goes into designing and developing a website from scratch. They are not aware of the time spent on the processes involved.

What Goes On Behind The Scenes

So in order in to provide a better understanding of the work involved, here are some common elements that go into most websites that are normally overlooked.

The initial process of any project is to research you / your company. This allows us to get an idea of your principles and values, making sure we adhere to them throughout the project.

Gathering Data
The majority of information sent from the client is normally sent at different times. so at this process we collate all information regarding the project including our own personal research, and organise in one place making it more manageable to work with.

For most projects we provide up to 3 completely different design concepts. Creating these designs from scratch based on your requirements involves a lot of research and creative brainpower. This process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to months.

Once our ideas are presented to you, there may be some feedback and changes to the initial designs, so its back to the drawing board to implement your changes.

Design Completion
Once ourselves and the client are happy with the design, we then start to convert the design into HTML code, or a Content Management System. This can be another long process depending on the site, especially for more advanced websites such as an e-commerce website.

Development Completion
At this stage, we send the client a working link of their website, giving them a chance to let us know if there is anything they are not happy about, or wish to change.

It may seem to the client as though the site is complete, however, there is still a lot more to be done. We now need to fully test the entire website, making sure everything is linked, all forms are being sent, all scripts are working. For e-commerce websites we will be testing payment gateways, running test orders, ensuring confirmation emails are being sent, etc.

Browser Compatibility
The website may look perfect in one browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox), however very bad in another browser (e.g Internet Explorer). This is because all web browsers use different rendering engines which render sites differently based on their settings. At this stage we test the website in all popular browser and browser versions to ensure the website looks the same. We also check smaller screen devices such as smartphones to ensure the website is displayed as it should.

We ensure all of our websites are 100% optimised for search engines to increase rankings in search engine results. Some companies charge extra for this however we include this in our quote as we believe it is a necessity.

Go Live & Ongoing Training
The website is now ready to go live. We keep an eye on the site for 7 days to ensure everything is running smoothly. We also provide training on anything you may need to know, such as using the Content Management System, editing pages, etc. This training is ongoing.

To Conclude…

Now based on the above, I am sure you will agree, there is a LOT of work that goes into creating a website from scratch. I have not mentioned the years of ongoing learning and experience gained by our team which you are also paying for.

Our quotes do not derive from a business ideology, but what we feel is a price that reflects the passion and complete service we are able to offer you and your company. We do not create sites simply to get the job done, but for our own satisfaction.

You get what you pay for at Media Flare. We guarantee minimal disappointment and a stress-free service throughout, with excellent after-care!

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